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I have loved to bake from a very young age and at 15 years old started an online bakery called LilyPAD (Lily’s Perfectly Addicting Desserts). I recently decided I want to share my past and current creations with you.


One of my favorite desserts to make or eat raw is cookies. There are so many different varaities to choose from.


I enjoy making all different types of cakes and my favorite is this Triple Chocolate Cake. Click here to find more blog posts about Cake.


There are so many different no-bake desserts to enjoy including these oreo cream-cheese balls or fudge.

“Life is Short make it sweet.”

Photo by Irina Edilbaeva

“If there’s a whisk there’s a way.”

Photo by Okea


This blog is a great way to get in contact with people who share common interests with you and learn new recipes.

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Reach out so we can collaborate together or let me know what recipes you would like to see next.

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LilyPAD Bakery

I made a bakery called LilyPAD that you can check out here. https://lilyheidgerd.wixsite.com/lilypad

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